Coronavirus — Livestream Series

Withstanding the Financial Implications of COVID-19

Cain Watters & Associates and Seattle Study Club
Thursday, March 26

Recognizing that this impacts all areas of our personal and professional lives, we are developing a series of webinars to help as many as possible weather this storm. The financial impact already resulting from limited service or fully shuttered businesses has most of us nervous about our futures. We invite you to join us in the second session for a discussion about financial implications. 

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Thomas Viola, RPh, CCP

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Its Effect on Dental Pain Management

Thomas Viola and Seattle Study Club
Thursday, April 2
5:30–6:30 pm Pacific | 8:30–9:30 pm Eastern
No Tuition for Seattle Study Club Members

Management of acute odontogenic pain is accomplished with the use of opioid analgesics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDs), acetaminophen, and, occasionally, cannabis. However, the respiratory depressive effects of opioid analgesics, the anti-inflammatory effects of NSAIDs, the potential hepatoxic effects of acetaminophen and the immunosuppressive effects of cannabis might actually worsen the progression of, and the comorbidities associated with COVID-19 infection. This webinar will explore the rationale for the continued use of these agents in the management of odontogenic pain in patients who are at risk for or who have been infected with COVID-19.

Leslie Fang, MD, PhD

Coronavirus and the Dental Professional

Dr Leslie Fang and Seattle Study Club
Thursday, March 19 and Thursday, March 23

The two livestreams with Dr Fang were enormously successful. There were thousands of participants from beginning to end. These webinars provided essential information for every dental professional.

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